MCG Diploma in Baking


Which are the courses being offered in IBCA?

Baking Institute offers courses which relates to both Commercial baking advancement as well as domestic hobby classes. We also offer creative classes on cake, cookie, cupcake decorations too.

What are the admission/registration procedures?

After you check the selected training details, you need to register for the course (online or personally in office) within a week before commencing of the course. We shall confirm your seat only after tge registration procedure is completed.

Do you provide education Loan ?

Yes we help for students education loan, we are tied up with Propelled (Flexible Financing for your Education)

I would like to register for a particular course, is online registration possible?

Online registration process is easier by filling of the form with your contact details and confirmation of the chosen program and date. The payment should be made in person or you can also bank transfer to or account/s

Can you tell me the fee structure for the courses offered?

Do check course details and you will find all course duration and fee structure.

How can I make the payments and what is the mode of payment?

You can pay in person at the institute, or send cheque or dd (at par), or online transfer to the banks mentioned below;

Can all the offered courses be done on weekends?

All courses are offered only as regular weekday programs. These programs cannot be shortned or altered from the schedule. We do offer few weekend courses which can be chosen or await for our online program planned for year 2013.

Does your institution offer egg-free baking classes?

We do offer eggfree home baking program for domestic classes. Eggfree baking for commercial baking is not offered as all the recipes cannot be altered. Our suggest to one and all is to learn about egg usage in baked product and we will be happy to inform u alternative options for few recipes. Students undergoing BCCA program will be further supported in developing eggfree recipes for commercial production.

Do you provide accommodation for the out station students?

Yes we do have boys guestrooms on charge. Other available accommodation are PG guestrooms near the institute. You can also get more information about this from the link.

Do I need to have any prior knowledge in baking to join the classes?

All the classes are designed with basic and enhanced knowledge, so we suggest you to be interested in learning. We don’t ask for your background knowledge from the same field to join the class.

How many working days per week for the long term courses?

The first few weeks involves you for 5 day’s in the week. Later some classes are also scheduled for 6 day’s in the week.

Do you conduct classes out of Bangalore?

We don’t conduct classes in other cities or space. We are well equipped in bangalore and suggest participants to attend classes here to get better knowledge of Baking.

Is there baking classes for kids and how intense are they?

We do schedule Baking classes for children only in summer school holiday time. There are about 4-5 classes planed.

Children’s Baking course is designed to make kids understand the importance of cooking desserts and snacks in their homes, also with a understanding about creative decoration and techniques.

Do you provide any online baking classes?

We don’t have any online classes as yet, but sometime soon we will be happy to inform you about our e-learning Baking space.

What is the age limit for kids to attend the baking classes?

We suggest children to be aged between 8 years to 15 years.

Is there any age limit for adults to join the classes?

There is no age limit really needed to join the classes. We have been training for the last 13 years and participants between 8 years to 60+ years have joined the classes.

How practical the classes are?

The course is designed for your needs, keeping the same in mind we have divide it as theory n practical sessions. We give you immense practice for you to build confidence to be able to make products on your own with opportunities of becoming an entrepreneur too.

Is there any session for healthy baking?

There are no specific course for healthy Baking, but while you are in the course you can ask a question about healthy Baking options for the products being made.

Is the diploma course sufficient for a career in baking?

Yes diploma in Baking & confectionery does help you for various options to focus your career. You can opt for jobs in hotel or restaurants, be a entrepreneur by setting up your own, or just take it as a hobby.. Our students have taken this benefit and are all over the world.

How to get updated about the dates of particular batches/classes?

You will find most of the information on the website You may also contact or office 08022106619 to learn more.

How to subscribe for the Bakery World magazine?

You can go to the website and look at our publications, fill in the form we will revert to you.

Would there be any fee concession if two or more joins for the classes from the same family?

We will be sorry about this, but there is no concession or change in fee if 2 or more members from the same family attend the same programs.

Which are the courses for beginners?

If you are choosing a course for domestic need then Home Baking or Eggless Home Baking is best, as it relates to your requirements of home needs for snack & desserts. If you choose to take the program for being and entrepreneur you could choose Diploma in Baking or job options

Is there an online syllabus available for each course?

You can check all course details with syllabus on the website

How prior do I have to register for the weekend classes?

We request you to register a week prior to the scheduled date of the chosen program for weekend classes.

Is there any material requirement when I join for the classes?

After you have registered for a class, you need to get along apron, hand towel (duster), pen, your lunch, and a box to fit products made while in the class.

We provide you with course module book (recipe book), practical baking raw-materials, practice related tools and equipments.

In-case you need any other materials for packaging or add-ons, we shall charge you extra.

Is it necessary to have an oven at home to take the classes?

To undergo the training you will not be asked about having a oven at home, but if you want to learn baking with practice you will surely require an OTG or Convection Microwave.

Does all baking contains eggs?

Eggs are associated with Baking from years, and eggs do play a important part in Baking. In most of our programs we do have recipe usage of eggs, we don’t confirm alternative ways of eggfree, but we try suggesting working of recipes without. Practically we offer eggless home baking course, a 3 day training. Also there many recipes in commercial baking training programs.

What are the benefits of doing the baking course from IBCA?

We have trained more than 8000+ students from the year 2000. These students have traveled from all different parts of India as well as abroad. We are proud to say we added to their knowledge of food and baking. Learning at IBCA is both technical as well as practical, we support everyone in our programs to be a entrepreneur or effective in choosing a right job.

Do you take classes at our residence?

All IBCA classes are scheduled only out from our Bangalore premises. We do not conduct classes elsewhere or in any house.

What are the career options after doing the course?

Be-a-Baker trained from IBCA and you can help yourself by setting up small / large business, become a trainer/demonstrator, enhance Research and development with better formulation, get jobs in baking and allied industry and lots more opportunity which has been seen by students who have joined our different programs.

Do you provide placements in your institution?

IBCA has always supported participants of the institute to look at various job opportunities. We do support and connect you with companies hiring manpower.