Entrepreneurs Bakers Course

About the Training

Training Code



4 Weeks


9:30am – 11:30am THEORY
11:45 – 4:00pm PRACTICAL
1-2pm (Flexible) LUNCH
Full Day Training Get Lunch Box
FEE on Installments Classroom Theory
Hands-on-Practice Demonstration

IBCA certificate

on successful completion of Training (IBCA certificate only)

What you will Learn

Globally the classified bakery products relates to the 4 major classification as BREADs, PASTRIEs, COOKIEs, CAKEs. We at IBCA have designed the 4 programs as individual weeks training and give you learning on theoretical understanding and knowledge of the ingredients and the role played in processing them. As one learns the simplified classification of bakery product, we will also relate to the problem handling and the management of producing.

How does it Help you

Participant joining this training will be well versed and also confident with the classification of bakery products and will be able to use it for either hobby or commercial up-gradation. Students will be able to better their skills and can also venture in production of bakery goods.

Chapters Covered

  • What is Baking ?
  • Food Safety
  • Food Hygiene
  • Faults and Remedies
  • Technical learning of Raw-materials
  • Using of Hand-tools and its importance
  • Product processing while in Production
  • How to handle Production problems

Workshop Practice

  • Weeks covered are Bread Basics
  • Pastry Basics
  • Cookie Basics
  • Cake Basics


Fee – INR 55,000.00

Includes Student Kit Bag with Hand-Tools Chef Coat and Apron

Loan Facility available from Propelled, Check your eligibility