Couverture Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery

Couverture Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery

About the Training

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3 Days


9.30am – 4.00pm THEORY
9.30am – 4.00pm PRACTICAL
1-2pm (Flexible) LUNCH
Recipe Book Apron
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What you will Learn

Working with chocolate is a highly skilled job. Not everyone has the talent to be a chocolatier. This course teaches you the skills to work with cocoa butter, chocolate and sugar. The chocolate requires excellent work, temperature control, precision and a keen eye for detail. The best chocolatiers are the ones who possess the skill and also have the passion that drives them to crave perfection.

Course Content

  • Tempering Chocolate
Tabling , Seeding
  • Formulation Of Ganache
Making Ganache
  • Cook Fondant
  • Turkish Delight
Syrup , Turkish Delight
  • Choco Mocho Noumallow
Coffee Marshmallow , Chocolate Nougat
  • Hazemel’s Bon Bon
  • Nutty Homage
  • Coco Ramels
  • Chocolate Bubbies
  • Minty’s
  • Jujjub’s
  • Fruity Bonbon
  • Spicy Bar
  • Irish Choco Berries
  • Notes

Theory by Narmatha

  • What is tempering?
  • Types of tempering.
  • Coloring and shading techniques.
  • Blending of flavor and texture.
  • What and how sugar confectionary.
  • Veg and Non veg setting agents for sugar confectionary


Fee – INR 10,000.00

Includes Apron and Recipe Booklet