MCG Diploma in Baking

Cookie Week – Basic

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5 Days


10:00am – 11:30am THEORY
11:45am – 4:00pm PRACTICAL
1-2pm (Flexible) LUNCH
Full Day Training Get Lunch Box
Classroom Theory Hands-on-Practice
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IBCA certificate

CERTIFICATE on successful completion (IBCA certificate)

What you will Learn

Do you know the Difference between Cookie and a Biscuit…. Learn more about it Commercially cookie or biscuit is the largest organized food manufacturing sector, but domestically its an every day need. They can be made in different shapes, taste, texture and can be preserved longer. Cookies and Slices are shortened and creamed process for making variety for tea time snack. Although they are quite simple to understand from a recipe, but has many difference from its process and ingredient usage.

How does it Help you

With our past experience of Student completing this program, they have been confident in Cookie product making either as self consumption or to commercially produce.

One can also choose this as a lucrative hobby and venture in business by starting a Home based bakery

Chapters Covered

  • Difference between Biscuit, Cookie & Slice
  • Cookie making ingredients
  • Cookie making methods
  • Commercial cookie making
  • New product development
  • Packaging of Bakery product
  • Equipment needs and role of machinery
  • Handling waste in production
  • Creaming method, Rubbing method, Whipping method
  • Drop cookie, Slices & short bread
  • Problems in cookie making & scoring
  • Ice-box cookie, Sheeting a cookie dough, Pressed cookie

Workshop Practice

  • Cookie & Slice
  • Melting moments
  • Butter Biscuits
  • Magic windows Cream Cookie
  • Color pastry
  • Jeera salt cookie
  • Shrew berry cookie
  • Meringue
  • Jap Cakes
  • Brownie
  • Date & walnut Slice
  • Nan Khatai
  • Honey Cookie
  • Raisin and Spice Cookie
  • Almond Biscuits
  • Poppy seeds Tuiles
  • Spiced Hazelnut Shortbread
  • Wheat Crackers
  • Granula Bars
  • Sponge Fingers
  • Cats Tongue
  • Oat Meal Cookie
  • Blondies
  • Scones

Cookie and Slice Theory by Mr.M.K.Gaur

Day 1. Different between biscuit and cookies, Theory of raw materials used in biscuit, Maida, sugar, fat, egg and baking.

Day 2. Biscuit making process, importance of creaming, mixing and sheeting and baking principal of cookie baking.

Day 3. Other raw material used in biscuit/cookie making like milk powder, salt, flavor, color and fruits.

Day 4. How to get good bakery production – raw materials, standard formula, process line and skilled labor.

Day 5. Recycling of bakery waste, costing of biscuit and cookies.

Theory by Nagesh

  • Introduction of biscuits, cookies and petit fours.
  • Techniques and ingredients for biscuits and cookies.
  • Brief on chocolate moulding.
  • Essential equipment’s for petit fours .
  • Recipes of patisserie book.


Fee – INR 15,000.00

Includes Training booklet and raw-material used in class.

Products made in class is distributed proportionately to the participation.

Takeaway – Recipe Book, Shared Finished product, Apron, Certificate.

Registration – Online form filling with Fee Payment prior to training.