Bakery Management

Bakery Management

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5 Days


11.00am – 2.00pm THEORY
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What you will Learn

Baking is an exact science, and managing bakery is much more. It requires specific skills to manage a bakery. It requires a robust calculation to ensure that wastage is at a minimum and the quality of the baked goods is never compromised. Bakery requires meticulous timing, firm procurement control, and a keen marketing sense. You have to know the taste of the client to ensure that the menu is reinvented at regular intervals. These are skills that need to be learnt in a professional setting and are of immense use to a home baker too.

Management course by M.K.Gaur

Day 1: How to select site of a bakery?

  • Population
  • Publicity value
  • Availability of raw material
  • Utility services
  • Room for expansion

Day 2: Government formalities for starting bakery?

  • Production license
  • Power license
  • Power connection
  • Bank loan
  • GST
  • Shop and establishment act
  • ESI and PF

Day 3:Production floor line of a commercial Bread plant and small or medium size bakery.
Day 4: Step to write the project report as per bank and government requirement.
Day 5: Actual project report of the students as there requirement.


Fee – INR 10,000.00

Includes Apron and Recipe Booklet